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Comment: Oh yea, that's right

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Oh yea, that's right

we want candidates paid for by big corporations and wall street money to win this race. At least we have an idea of where Gary Johnson stands since the big corporate donors do not support him.

But I think it is wondeful that all these Wall streeters, Banksters, big Pharma, Big Agra and big oil get all the socialistic benefits, tax breaks and subsidies.
Like GE with all their profits paid ZERO in Taxes.

Then the idiots cheer when the giant corporations put out propaganda against Social services for the average person while they enrich themselves, looting the treasury and benefitting from the very same thing the propagandais against.


Social benefits for the public is not what is breaking this country. It is the bailouts, tax breaks for the mega corporations, subsidies, Banks and credit card companies being allowed to charge loan shark rates.

Wake up!