Comment: Why did the majority of

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Why did the majority of

republicans not see this coming politically? I mean, why did so many vote for him, and now they complain about what a crappy candidate they have? Didn't they know about Romney's problems politically? They voted for the one guy that was going to ensure they would "never beat Obama".

Now, I personally don't care about the "political gamesmanship". But these people do. And if they care about so much, you'd think they would plan ahead and vote for the candidate that would give them the least problems once he was the nominee. Romney was the worst candidate to pick if they "wanted to beat obama".

Serves them right. You made your choice. Live with it I guess Republicans. These Republicans who voted for Romney are so stupid. Not only do they not even realized the dangers happening to the country and to the world, they don't even understand the limited scope of politics they think matters to them.