Comment: Send Scott Money and Suggest to him that he Present at Tampa

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Send Scott Money and Suggest to him that he Present at Tampa

Scott's show was the crown jewel of I doubt that I would have consistently donated for several years had it not been for Scott's show.

Maybe the whole idea behind this is to sort of spin's crown jewel off from the non-profit operation--hoping that once its showcased in the for-profit marketplace Scott's talent and show quality would attract much more money in sponsorships than it currently does in non-profit donations?

What if Scott had high quality video production like RT or Alex Jones and did video-casts with people like Eric Margolis skyped in from the top of the world?

So I was thinking. There's talk that the Ron Paul Fest is going to have some Jumbo-Trons on hand at their Tampa Fairgrounds site so that they can simulcast Ron Paul's rally speech on the last evening from the USF football stadium. Maybe it would be a good marketing ploy to have Scott present the Ron Paul Fest with a proto-type of what he has to offer by putting some of his Asian correspondents up on the Jumbo Trons while itemizing all of the crimes of Romney and his foreign policy advisors across town?