Comment: Once again GJ is the only option besides Paul

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Once again GJ is the only option besides Paul

Conservative movement die already, Ron Paul is the best option if he dosent get it we have only GJ, bad or good.

Individual Liberties protected by private property rights upheld by voluntary contracts enforced by a small local government, and the more complicated the situation the more local it should get

LIBERTY=LIBERTARIAN we used the 2 party system to move a LIBERTARIAN RON PAUL up the GOP mafia because of shared SIMILARITIES with "Republicans"/"Conservatives", which are fading daily on this site when its all said and done this website will be labeled the Daily LIBERTY

GJ is a friend of the Liberty Movement so get over your man crush on Dr. Paul keep the work and motivation on Tampa, and after words if Ron Doesnt win "have a coke and a smile, and shut the fuck up......." I will be strutting LIBERTARIAN in philosophy and registered L after 2012