Comment: You jumped in ...good for you.

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You jumped in ...good for you.

Actually, refering to "before all hell breaks out," just want to say that all hell broke out big time back in the early 1900's when the already "crooked" bankers took America to the cleaners big time with their robber barrens, the Federal Reserve. It has taken about 100 years now to bring the citizens under total control by simply managing individual resources and the abilty to earn an income.

We can all break out of this mess by not getting angry and conjure up how to do in the theives and robber not at all...
we can do just the opposite by sending good thoughts to people like David Rockerfeller, send good thougths to members of the Bilderberg Group and other organizations including the Barack Obama Organization...good thousts of healing corrupt organizations like the US Supremce Court, US COngress, US Sernatie and ALL the Law Enforcement Organiaations including all Military operations.

Sending anything but GOOD Thoughts brings pain and suffering for all.

fearless brave joyful peaceful loving grateful, compassionate