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This sounds like another undeclared, Unconstitutional war, but this time the war is being waged against Ron Paul, who is nothing less than a living Founding Father of this country. What hypocrisy! The GOP is the Good 'ol Boy Party who desperately want the likes of a flip-flopping, big bank owned, governor, who brought Obamacare first to MA and now to the rest of the country. Romney says that he will repeal Obamacare as president, as Obama said he wanted to close Gitmo. With these kind of lies, what is the difference between Obama and Romney? They are the same, liking both big government and undeclared wars.
“I hope that the party plays fair,” says Laura Ebke. Do not hope about this, Laura. Be ready for the tyranny that is about to happen in Nebraska. Ron Paul supporters are very polite, but they will stand firm. They will be heard and not silenced by the Nebraska GOP. This "process" will soon be exposed for what it is.