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Comment: You want my opinion.

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You want my opinion.

I think EVERYONE, including the delegates, should boycott Ron Paul's rally and go to the Paul Festival instead. And I think those who agree with me should make their voices be heard loud and clear on the internet from now until the convention. This public servants ego has obviously gotten too big and needs to be taken down a notch or two or three. Ron Paul KNEW this liberty movement event was taking place, and instead of embracing it and joining it, he instead chose to try and co-op the people going to this event by having another event of his own at the same time. Because obviously Ron Paul doesn't give a damn about those in the liberty movement who sacrificed their time and money to make this movement grow, instead for Ron Paul it's always been about Me, Me, Me, and his family who have tried to dictate what the liberty movement does and doesn't do instead of being a team player. And don't even get me started on the 3.3 million dollars he and his hateful campaign staff chose to sit on instead of using the money to get him elected.

Perhaps the people holding this Paul Festival can't express these feelings, for obvious reasons, but I as one of those in the liberty movement sure can.

Just how many times are those in the liberty movement going to allow this public servant and his ungrateful staff to sabotage our efforts in what we've done for him and this movement. When are you going to finally say enough is enough. I think Ron Paul would be proud of the movement if nobody showed up to his event. That is if he really believes in this movement.

Those who say Ron Paul can't speak at the Paul Festival because it's a Super Pac are mislead. If Ron Paul was concerned about this there are ways he could have worked around this matter and still have given his speech at the fairgrounds. The truth is this ungrateful public servant didn't want to be involved with something the grass roots put together. Name me one time he ever did. No instead it's always been where he has to have control of the movement. Just like any other dictator who wants to control the people instead of serving them. I say send this dictator a message and show him we will have no part of his dictatorial movement or event. This liberty movement isn't about him, it's about us, and if he can't appreciate that than he needs to be reminded like the rest of the dictators in Washington D.C.

That's my opinion of Ron Paul's ungrateful actions. If Dr. Paul, T. Olsen, or Jesse Benton don't like them, too bad, it's called freedom of speech and I deserve to give it just as much as he does. But if your against freedom of speech feel free to vote my comment down.