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Comment: It's not the defense of

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It's not the defense of

It's not the defense of Johnson that's provocative, it's the attacks on Paul supporters that really piss people off. DP is not a person. It doesn't act like anything. It's a bunch of individuals who share their opinions. Collectivizing everybody as a single entity, and blanket labeling us all with negative connotations is both unfair, and fails to correct the problem of perception about how snide and rude Johnson supporters have been to us. Collectivizing everybody at Redstate won't piss anyone off here, but it's also unfair to think of that community as a single entity, because it's not. I was planning to support Johnson along with most other DPers, but at this point it's getting so it doesn't look like he has much support, and I don't know if it's worth putting in any effort. To answer your irrelevant question, I've been reading Dailypaul since the summer of '07, shortly after I discovered 911truth, Austrian economics and Ron Paul. I signed up to join the discussion after I had learned a bit about economics. At first I just read the articles and comments to educate myself (this site used to be full of intelligent, tactful people). Anyway, I hope Johnson supporters learn a little tact so they can change the perception of Ron Paul supporters towards the Johnson Campaign before November, but it doesn't look like they're learning this lesson. Paul supporters have done similar things to Romney and Santorum supporters all over the internet, and that's probably why some of those people won't even consider looking at Ron Paul.