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Final Thoughts

Like it or not, we are all going to have to do one of 5 things. Each of them have their pros and cons.

1. Vote for Obama
2. Vote for Romney
3. Vote for Johnson
4. Write in Ron Paul
5. Not Vote

Honestly none of those 5 are really good. They make an effort to do something positive but also allow something bad to happen.

Even the anarchists can't escape falling into one of those 5 scenarios. Their knee jerk is to try to escape scenarios put in front of them, well they can't escape it this time. They do nothing they are automatically #5.

I do believe that option #1 is best for the Daily Paul since it forces a GOP primary in 2016. No the Daily Paul is not the end all be all of life but since we are all here, it is at least something we can rally behind.

I suggest that the decision to anyone selecting any one of those 5 should not be held against the person, considering the situation we are in.

Final reminder, this is purely a general election scenario based on Mitt winning the nomination. I and all of you would be very happy to see a different result.