Comment: That Is Beginning To Be

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That Is Beginning To Be

...what I think as well. And while *they* (the anti-constitution NWO orchestrators) have several prongs in the DP; we are small potatoes now. Slice some of us off and toss them into the HUGE tent that is being build of itsy bitsy impotent parts of the...tada...Liberty Movement.

Here a liberty candidate...there a liberty candidate...everywhere a liberty candidate. This TV conditioned world has no appetite for the patience, perseverance and farsightedness the real liberty movement will require. Yeah, time seems to be running out. But not really. It is just going to be a long battle...and well worth the effort.

Meanwhile, Democrat or Republican...the UN, Agenda 21, etc. plan moves on. The only way is ... exactly what Ron Paul proposes after looking at the landscape for a very long time. Get some placement politically..and think and act locally. Meanwhile, raise your children right.