Comment: Questions for Johnson supporters

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Questions for Johnson supporters

First off, I am supporting Ron Paul to the convention and beyond, because he is the best candidate out there. However, I don't think it is healthy to throw everyone out who isn't identical to Dr. Paul, because then you'd be left with nobody. I have a couple issues with Johnson I can't get over, and perhaps someone could correct me.

He is not for abolishing the federal reserve. The Fed is completely unconstitutional and has failed catastrophically by every measure, and yet Johnson supports it? His website says something along the lines of 'it needs more oversight', which puts him in the same part of the political spectrum as Newt Gingrich and Rick perry on that issue.

Also, I am told of his support of 'humanitarian wars'. Other than the obvious oxymoron of labeling murder as humanitarian, how do you explain this away? Is that a mischaracterization of his position, or does he really believe that?

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