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Sorry to hear about your situation.

From what I have read, you have to be extra careful in your approach to dealing with the lung cancer because you may end up with a lot of congestion if you kill cancer cells too fast. Here is an article from on lung cancer. You also definitely need to find a health practitioner or coach to help you with this.

Carefully read this article on lung cancer.

Lung cancer has some unique aspects which can make it difficult to treat. While it is easy to kill the cancer cells in a lung cancer patient, it is NOT EASY TO SAFELY KILL THE CANCER CELLS. The problem is that the debris from dead cancer cells are hard to safely remove from the lungs, among other potential problems...

Lung cancer is NOT a type of cancer you can "throw the book" at with a lot of alternative cancer treatments. on lung cancer treatments

Click on my Cellect-Budwig section in the table of contents. Michael Vrentas put together the Cellect-Budwig Protocol but Fred Eichhorn formulated the nutritional product Cellect. Fred would also be a good person to talk to as he has worked with many people as well. I guess the question is how much you have to spend on product. says that the Bill Henderson's Protocol(in table of contents) is the least expensive of the highly potent protocols and he is available for help for a modest fee. Henderson said he would have included the Cellect product in his own protocol if it was less expensive.

In my two sections on Cellect-Budwig and Bill Henderson Protocols, I've included links back to the site for each protocol as well as to the main websites for Michael Vrentas, Fred Eichhorn, and Bill Henderson. I've also included links to videos and important articles as well.

I hope this will give you a start. I have to leave the computer for a couple hours but I'll be back later and take a closer look. I'm no expert so it's a good idea to find someone knowledgeable to help you.