Comment: "it isn't about Paul, it's about the message!"

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"it isn't about Paul, it's about the message!"

Then why support someone who is pro-Fed?

Ending the Fed is hands down one of Ron Paul's most significant and definitive causes. Everyone on this site knows that the Fed is what enables the welfare/warfare state we all despise, and yet some of these people (the majority of which were 'woken up' by Dr. Paul) have decided theyre going to vote for Johnson, who is supportive of the mission of Dr. Paul's (as well as ours) biggest foe?

As I said in another post, how can I be asked to support someone who is so dramatically oblivious to the Fed's malfeasance and failure? Their dual mandate (stable prices/full employment) has a pretty dismal record: 18 separate panics, recessions and depressions, a 95% devaluation of the dollar, and long stretches of 8% + unemployment, which, as Austrians, most of us should realize is a product of monetary policy, govt intervention, and to a large extent, Fed intervention. Not to mention, in a free market, why would any body pursue a policy of 'stable' prices anyways? Ideally, prices should fall over time, but any centralized price control is antithetical to liberty.

How much worse does the Fed have to do before Johnson wises up? They've already destroyed over 95% of the value of the dollar. They are approaching an upper bound, at which point they mathematically cannot do worse at their stated goal of stable prices. I'm usually pretty good at thinking up reducto ad absurdum arguments, but in this case, that is the Fed. There is nothing more absurd than supporting an unconstitutional cartel which has a 95% rate of FAILURE.

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