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I've seen the YouTubes

I respectfully don't agree. To me, much of that is NWO propeganda. NWO propeganda says, America is bad, America is corrupt, everything is no good, everybody is corrupt, everything is coorupt.

Ron paul says RESTORE CONSTITUIONAL GOVERNMENT, they son't say what to do, but they are working on a NWO/ global government, and hope that you will hate America enough to go for it.

I'm not saying that many things and people are not corrupt, but I am saying that it is by design, becasue the NWO seeks to collapse the USA to rebuildit to the NWO it wants.

There are more of us than bankers. NWO tells you that you have no power. We do. I chise to use mine. How about you? Is it better to believe you have no power and just a subject of bankers and a dictator?