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You guys have to watch the whole video it’s not a hit piece on M

You guys have to watch the whole video it’s not a hit piece on Max Kiser.

He’s talking about how the market is truly run and how fundamentals are irrelevant because of central banks and governments intrusion into the market. Nothing is based on true production anymore. Everything is leverage, regulatory capture, interest rate manipulation, etc.

It’s now more of a game of perception and manipulation e.g. LIBOR, the FED, etc. then a true mirror of what’s really going on in the economy. The global market as it stands today is no longer a real pricing mechanism where real tangible things are exchange to equal value. Yes there’s a sucker born every day but through the work of Ron Paul, Peter Schiff, Max Kiser, Jim Rogers, rEVOLution, Anonymous, WikiLeaks, etc. with the internet these people are waking individuals up everyday. Are they doing it out of the goodness of their own hearts? NO not at all. It’s just that when the current paradigm no longer servers you or begins to impedes you begin to wage WAR against it. You work to inform others of racket to encourage them to no longer participate, you gather newly awakened individuals to begin development of a new paradigm of just and equal exchange. Look at the recent release of Barclay’s LIBOR emails they didn’t do that out of the goodness of their own heart. When you’re in the game e.g. government union you see no issue in your own crimes until you leave the game. This is why heads don’t role on Wall Street or in government for this precise reason. When we awaken enough individuals to turn their backs on the current paradigm and succeed in building our own of equal and just exchange their game will END and individual FREEDOM will begin.