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"But if your against freedom of speech feel free to vote my comm

I'll gladly vote your comment down. Why? Not because I don't believe in freedom of speech, but because you're acting like a hypocrite on so many levels. You come here to the Daily Paul and spread your vitriolic opinions against a man (Ron Paul), whom, if he had never existed and labored for liberty, could not and would not have been the inspiration for the creation of this website/forum. You seem to be biting the hand that feeds you.

"I say send this dictator a message and show him we will have no part of his dictatorial movement or event. This liberty movement isn't about him, it's about us, and if he can't appreciate that than he needs to be reminded like the rest of the dictators in Washington D.C."

What in the world are you talking about? How can you simultaneously call Ron Paul a dictator and in good conscience dictate to others? You've either lost your mind or lost your way. In either case, you're lost.

"The founders would be ashamed of us for what we're putting up with." Ron Paul

"For the country to get better, it needs more than just politicians. Politicians aren't enough. It needs a resurgence through churches, through revivals, through a spiritual