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I'm not the one

I'm not the one undermining the campaign to get Ron Paul elected President, that would be Ron Paul himself, along with his campaign staff who have been busy trying to undermine all our work to get him elected. And let's not forget his son who is busy endorsing Mitt Romney for President to anyone who will listen even though Romney hasn't even been nominated yet. So much for his pathetic excuse of promising to endorse the nominee, feel free to tell Rand, there is no nominee yet.

I'm not telling anyone to give up trying to get Ron Paul the nomination so stop implying that I am. I just telling everyone they shouldn't support and attend a rally put together by Ron Paul's corrupt campaign staff which in effect is going to tell those attending that they should give up trying to elect a liberty candidate for President this election and instead should look to the FUTURE to do so. Screw that message. And screw those who want to bring it.

And to any delegate reading this, I hope when Ron Paul and his worthless goons tell you to fight for a platform THAT YOU IGNORE such pathetic advice and do just the opposite because the platform is WORTHLESS. Instead let Rick Santorum and his delegates have the platform, tell his delegates you'll give them the platform in exchange for their votes for Ron Paul, tell them if Ron Paul get's the nomination their platform will carry more weight than the zero weight it will have if Mitt Romney is chosen. Because Ron Paul is going to tell you to fight for the platform which will cost you those Rick Santorum delegate votes, for nothing, AND RON PAUL AND HIS UNTRUSTWORTHY STAFF KNOWS IT. If you want to get Ron Paul the nomination than screw this worthless platform.

And where the hell is Ron Paul and his campaign staff in regards to Nebraska and their delegates. NO WHERE IN FRIGGIN SITE that I see. Why spend those millions helping this cause when you can keep them and do nothing to help get Ron Paul the nomination. Oh but they have the money to hold a rally when there already is one just a few miles away free for them to use which will be full of Ron Paul liberty minded supporters. So why should we support this WASTE of our campaign funds by Ron Paul's campaign, because Ron Paul and his poor excuse of a campaign staff says so, I'm sorry but that's not a good enough reason to go along with these frauds who have given up on getting Ron Paul elected. The liberty movement doesn't need to hear sorry asp speeches about how we need to wait till the future to take over the White House. NO ONE HAS VOTED YET FOR PRESIDENT. We can still take over the White House NOW. Give THAT MESSAGE to Jesse Benton. T. Olson, Jack Hunter, Rand Paul and all the other frauds down there at Ron Paul Inc.