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Comment: The other foot

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The other foot

Tell me, OP, how would YOU feel if (and I say if because WE don't do that kind of thing) Ron Paul 'Trolls' came to a Gary Johnson-supporting website and started giving the NUMBERS FROM PAST ELECTIONS and saying how it is impossible for him to win and all you l's and L's need to back Ron's effort or you just help Obama to a second term? Huh?

Man, I could go off on you with a book's worth of material, but somehow I think you still wouldn't get it.

You represent the Vulture that can't wait for his carcass to finish breathing, and try to 'help it along a little' with that sharp beak...

I, personally, would rather continue fending off the Beasts, and praying for that Rescue Ship to see our S.O.S. in the sand.

We still draw breath,

Ed in the Desert

Rights are like muscles; you must exercise them to keep them fit, or they will atrophy and die.