Comment: It runs both ways

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It runs both ways

I just ripped someone for trolling FOR Gary Johnson in another post.

I want to be fair about this.

I feel it is just as inappropriate to TORPEDO Johnson at the Daily Paul!

Romney and Obama - fair game as far as I'm concerned - have at it.

Johnson IS a 'Liberty Candidate' of the 95th Magnitude. Damn near as good as Ron Paul. He has an 'issue or two' that I understand well, but condemning Mr. Johnson is like, after washing the baby, you cut off an arm or a leg, and throw THAT out with the bathwater!

Look, from MY perspective, even if Ron himself had left the GOP and went LP, THE GAME IS RIGGED AGAINST THIRD PARTIES and he couldn't win even if the People themselves marched in the streets in the millions - between the 'Good 'Ol Boy' structure of the GOP and MECHANICAL FRAUD of the vote machines, they have it locked down.

No matter how it goes down in Tampa, if our Beloved Ron is not on the TICKET, Gary Johnson represents the best 'Protest Vote' for an American Patriot. Writing in Ron Paul is as good as writing in Mickey Mouse. It never even hits the radar. I know, because I have participated in 'Manual Hand-Count Validation' of the ballot readers, and have physically handled the ballots - including the write-ins.


Without Paul as an option, voting for Mr. Johnson is a 95% vote for what you (and Ron) actually believes in. It also increases Third-Party viability and increases the number of Liberty Candidates on Ballots across America by having Ballot Access for them to further the messages Patriots believe in.

As I asked the Trolls to refrain from bashing Ron here and promoting Gary, I respectfully request you refrain from bashing Gary until Ron is on the Ticket.

Ed in the Desert

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