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First of all, there aren't three competing events.

There are TWO events, and one is complimenting the other. When we began to plan for Paul Festival, we weren't even sure if Ron Paul was going to be IN Tampa, let alone at our festival. We are thrilled, to be honest, to know that he DOES have a plan for his Delegates & Alternates, and we are happy to support it.

Dr. Paul contacted us in the early stages of planning, before we ever signed the contract with the venue. If you were on the inside of planning for Paul Festival, you would know that before we ever signed the contract for the venue, Dr. Paul told us he loved the idea, and Carol told us that although the rest of the family might not be able to be there, she and Ron would certainly try to be there, when we told her about our idea to have a birthday party for Ron that weekend, since his birthday is four days before the festival begins.

We are the same individuals who planned the Revolution March in Washington, DC in 2008 - an event which remains, to this day, the largest grassroots event for liberty in the history of the Ron Paul campaign. Our members also worked with the campaign to coordinate for the Rally for the Republic in Minneapolis in 2008. This is NOT our first go around with planning events in support of Dr. Paul.

There is a specific reason that Dr. Paul is going to have his own event - much of it has to do with the Congressman's security, and that of his family, and much of it has to do with his purpose for going to Tampa - the Delegates and Alternates.

We are supporting the Delegates and Alternates as much as possible to get them to Tampa - and a great portion of our fundraising is intended to go directly to the Delegates' and Alternates' travel & lodging costs for the RNC.

As for the "three competing events" - if you call the Fantasy of Flight venue, you will find that the other event never signed a contract for their venue. We don't know what happened. All we know is that there are two events - there is Paul Festival, and then there is We Are the Future: Rally for the Liberty Delegates, being planned by the campaign.