Comment: A public servant

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A public servant

A public servant wants THOUSANDS of people to get up from one place and come to where he is, instead of just him getting up and coming to where they are at, yes that is a person with a me, me, me attitude. Inconsiderate to the highest degree. A degree common with most dictators who want things THEIR WAY regardless of what problems it causes others. Or if you would prefer you can call him a little childish brat who has to have things his way regardless of how asinine and inconvenient his request is. A perfectly good building was offered to Ron Paul at the fairgrounds. He has no excuse for this selfish behavior, it's very unbecoming to say the least, and I don't see why anyone should condone such behavior by agreeing with his unreasonable request. If he has something to say, let him come to the people, the liberty people sent him an invitation FIRST. He wants to ignore. I SAY IGNORE HIM.