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Walmart makes a lot of their

Walmart makes a lot of their money because so many people are unwilling to wait to buy something of quality later when they have enough money, that they'd rather buy substandard junk, have it break, and then turn around and buy it over and over again.

Most of the stuff Walmart has that is very competitively priced is in fact junk. When it comes to the few times they actually sell something of decent quality, there really isn't much difference in price compared to other stores.

As for me, I'm not only extremely picky about what I buy, but also willing to spend extra money for something that will last, which is why, just as an example, instead of buying those Gillette 5 bladed women's razors for men at ten dollars a pop, and then buying them over and over again, I shelled out $250 for a quality Thiers-Issard razor which holds a fine edge and only has to be stropped once every six months. What I spent on that razor is what most men would spend on replacement blades every two years, but I have something which will last forever, that I can hand down to my children, but only have to buy once.

Usually I buy things off of Amazon or specialty websites ( in the case of my Thiers), and about the only things I buy at Wally World are perishables and shaving soap.

Amazon is considered to be the greatest threat to Walmart's market, but again impatient and impulsive buyers will keep them in business at least until human nature changes.