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If youre curious, here's

If youre curious, here's Murphys critique of Carsons LTV:

Murphy basically takes issue with Carson's treatement of Bom Bawerk in the first part of "Studies...".

The rest of the book is more of a histroical survey of how "actually existing capitalism" actually played out in history.

I had the chance to speak with Murphy about this at Porcfest and he basically has no issue with Carson to the extent that he wants to set the record straight about the history of existing capital allocations and land distributions. But his predictive stuff and his LTV stuff is just wrong.

The comparison with Zinn was because they're both worth reading, especially amnog ancaps who may tend to dismiss both as "leftists". They both provide much needed focus on the actual history of corportism that, for most non libertarians, is what comes to mind when they hear the word "capitalism". And while both Zinn and Carson are very adept at documenting and diagnosing the disease, they both fall short in correctly perscribing medicine. Carson comes much closer than Zinn, but both are still far better at historical analysis than economics.