Comment: edshill - you are an islamist supporter.

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edshill - you are an islamist supporter.

of course, everyone knows muslim brotherhood on the right and left knows this is a vicious group that has infiltrated all over the us and was bin laden's base from which he gathered his terrorist groups.

when you deny that the muslim brotherhood is not a peaceful group of people, then you accept islam and that it should rule with tyranny.

you are not a liberty lover by any means, but want to help topple islamists to complete their takeover. hence, you are so very pro-us government at the same time but are a serial hypocrite in not admitting it. it is not newt that is the serial hypocrite, but it is you and you hate newt for speaking about persecuted christians in the middle east at the hands of islamists.

you are fear mongering of the us gov't, and yet you call others fear mongers.