Comment: Too Late ..... The Loony Label Sticks.

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Too Late ..... The Loony Label Sticks.

These are the sort of posts that gets Ron Paul supporters stuck on the "looney" label. Too late - our opponents will use this post no matter what sane remarks might fall into the comments columns.

You don't have to believe the official theory (and I certainly don't) to have to invent all sorts of exotic other theories. I've seen some theories supported by some hard evidence - I've seen some silly ones. Nukes? That's a silly one. There would be radiation there - and in the surrounding areas - to this very day. It looked, walked and talked like a controlled demolition - so I'm fairly certain that is what it was. How it occured is another matter entirely - and one best left off the Daily Paul. Perhaps Dr. Paul might want to re-open the 9/11 enquiry if ever he got elected? But that's all.