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Could you please listen to your own advice...

@ little smitty...I'm not going to talk nice to you, you deserve equal kind of your own treatment. All your comments make no intelligent sense which is a true reflection of your limitations and real purpose. Ron Paul knows his supporters are not followers; we have always surprised even him. We have out manuevered the other side and the likes of you. We tell you nothing to keep you spinning, let you argue within the few inches inside your brain to keep you out of the way. Blah, blah, blah. Get you all worked up on your innate paranoia, short attention span, bipolar thinking, egocentric personality, and whatever lacking that overwhelms your ability to think outside your low grade emotional box. Let me give you a break before you work yourself into a frenzy: There will be people attending either one, both, and all Dr. Paul venues (one venue will not be able to house everyone--they will see the numbers they did not air on tv). Those who want more of a festive agenda will go there and those who want another will go there--DO YOU think keeping all the chickens in one cage is a good IDEA? The stupidest person is always the one who thinks and talks like he/she knows everything.

I know you don't have 30+ years of Dr. Paul's Congressional experience plus his years of wisdom and I tell you now, what little you do know and the limits of your age CANNOT surpass what Dr. Paul knows, seen, and experienced. He will ALWAYS have 30+ years beyond your NONE. Keep you kindergarden explanations to your own manageable level so you'd stop embarassing yourself further. Now listen and take your own advice and depart from this candidate to go to your other hero. With all your heel kicking disgust you're still here, going nowhere.

I say: if you can't make it better, don't make it worst!