Comment: Mini-Nukes is such b.s.

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Mini-Nukes is such b.s.

The whole Mini-Nuke theory is total scam, and I am amazed people continue to fall for it.

The towers didn't fall down into the basement like the mini-nuke people say, they kind of disintegrated around the middle and just vanished.

Either conventional demolitions or directed energy (or both) seems like a much more logical conclusion.

Judy Wood to me seems like a disinfo character- not unlike Ace Baker was to no-plane theory.. She's also from ding ding Virginia Tech.. She claims directed energy weapons can split the earth.. that sounds like fear mongering to me.

That said, I know the military is working on and has directed energy weapons, so it's quiet possible they were used in tandem with traditional explosives as a redundancy- I just think Woods is disinfo.