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TO: Smitty----if I didn't know better, I'd think you might be

...Adam Kokesh??

Because my sense is that you have been slighted by the Campaign, and you are very angry about this. Why? Because you undoubtedly have spent many hours and hours laboring over this Festival. But, whoever you are, please listen.

You express *some* sentiments that show perhaps all of our frustrations. However, that doesn't mean you know what exactly has happened "behind the scenes", you know? None of us here are privy to that kind of detailed information, from what has happened within the campaign from state to state, from the lack of lawsuits against the Media & the GOP, to even Rand Paul's misstep.

However, to lambast Dr. Paul for not cow-towing to your vision of what he should be doing is going beyond the pale. Yes, as a matter of fact, I quit donating to the campaign several months ago, when it was apparent to me that the campaign was not acting in a strong enough manner towards the Media, in the form of a lawsuit. Same with the GOP. So, I stopped donating! But, I didn't lambast Dr. Paul "publicly", you know? Why not? Because I didn't know what had happened behind the scenes.

You don't either! And, after 30 years of "consistent" public service, I preferred to give Dr. Paul the benefit of the doubt. He deserves at least that much from us.

You sound like Adam K. sometimes when he has "gone off" publicly with foul language and some rather vitriolic comments. It's not "how" you feel that's bad, or even what you may suspect. It's how it is displayed publicly. Having an Internet show makes you in the forefront, and it's not good to shoot off at the mouth. NO foul language should be exhibited. NO unkind remarks, especially if you don't know the details, should be exhibited.

Finally, if you are Adam K., look at yourself in the mirror. I see a young man who may have suffered a GREAT deal overseas serving our country, like many other Vets. But, in order to appeal to Dr. Paul, you need to force yourself to tone it down, be more humble, and I might add, shave your beard. You are such a handsome young man. That beard embarasses me, because it just doesn't look good. I'm a woman, so I'm telling you this---also, old enough to be your mother! LOL.

Anyway, please think about what I've said. You have much to give our cause, just give it some thought deep inside yourself. Thanks.

Also, I must add that if you aren't a true RP'r, then, just get lost!