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sorry troll

... but your idea of "normal" is people burying their heads deeeeeeeep into the sand.

We The People . . .

do hereby . . .


• JFK state-sponsored assassination

• Larry P Macdonald / flight 007

• Iran Contra / CIA coke-dealing / Air America / George HW "Poppy" Bush / Mena Arkansas

• Vincent Foster murder

• mysterious 9/11/04 small-plane crash into the White House

• Wolfgang Boeringer / Mohammad Atta / casino boat meetings prior to 9/11

• Amalgam Virgo - the truth about this yearly DOD war game: scenario : a cruise missile fired from a barge in the Chesapeake Bay into the Pentagon .... later changed to a drill in Florida?

Hey CIA / NSA trolls: I'm here in beautiful Breckenridge Colorado. I challenge any of you FUCKING TOTAL SCUM to a public debate on the FACTS OF 911.

Fair debate / standard rules / total transparency. What are you fucking scumbags sooooooo

. . . afraid of?