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Poor Mamo,

It seems you really got your feelings hurt! However, you have no idea of my educational level, my years of participation in the Liberty/Patriot movement, etc. One cannot assume that I have not been involved simply because I have not been an official member here for years. So, FYI, I have a doctorate, and am one of the oldsters that has been supporting Ron Paul for a very long time, probably when you were still in Junior High. I also marched against the apartheid of South Africa, and other oppressive forces.
My point is this; We need to bring all folks into the fold and represent ourselves in intelligent and non-offensive ways. I was not trying to be divisive, I encouraged you to get your party on; just not here. Intoxicated displays are all over the media nowadays, but it still doesn't make them attractive....It's just old news.
Using the F bomb in any postings just demonstrates lack of control... like letting go of a well fermented, long winded fart in a crowded elevator. You may consider the author of such self- centered, uncouth, and offensive, and may even feel compelled to inform the person of your opinion.
I find it interesting that you find no issue with posting F bomb links, but over-reacted so at my comments, to the point of multiple replies. I just think it was something to share among a close circle of friends. These are things we learn with experience, I suppose. BTW, it is true the movement needs young energy, but it also needs qualities from the older age groups, i.e. EVERYONE. So, while I apologize (An ability that also comes with experience) I did not mean to offend, I stand by my comments. Good luck to you with all that, and one thing we can agree on is.....Ron Paul for POTUS 2012!