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I took a philosophy class in

I took a philosophy class in undergraduate and learned enough (not just from class time obviously, I am a philosophy amateur) to understand your criticism. I can see that "why" questions can be re-phrased as "what makes", but that is sort of what I mean when I say why. Of course, others are given free reign to answer whatever they want. So I can see that why questions are beginners questions. I am a beginner and now I have learned how to ask more productive questions. Thanks for taking the time to help me out.

I wrote a paper on Descartes for my philosophy class. And he basically tried to prove he existed and pretty much disproved everything until he was content to say, "I think therefore I am". So my line of "why" questions was mostly to suggest that we really cannot find truth, or at least not fully, and not on our own. I personally do believe in an absolute truth so my premise is that truth is infinite and since we are finite we cannot know it. Although I also believe that truth is revealed and that Jesus was truth revealed on earth. Of course, when I think about it I doubt but investigation and experience only confirm that I am on the right path. "Seek and you will find." A fundamental principle of knowing truth is looking for it. "Ask and you will receive." Asking questions increases knowledge. "Knock and it will be opened unto you." I think all these truths do suggest that God wants to reveal truth to those "who have eyes to see, ears to hear, and hearts to understand."

The value I gain from asking questions is increasing knowledge and understanding. I used "why" questions because that enables me personally to question myself and try to remove the lies and contradictions inside my mind. I interview others because I want them to know the truth as well because, "the truth will free you" and I want them to be free. What makes me want them free? Probably I enjoy being free and remember myself in their shoes previously and I did not like being ignorant. Also, community is better if people know truth and are free.