Comment: Global warming, was Global warming,

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Global warming, was Global warming,

set on very definite "science". The greenhouse gases trapped the heat and the world would heat up so much that it would no longer sustain human life. The only way to cure Global warming was to tax as many people on earth as possible and put 100s of millions of dollars into the World Bank.
As time has gone on from Al Gores' dire warnings through his award winning, money making film An Inconvenient Truth, (ironic?) the world has not warmed, the oceans have not flooded, the glaciers are still there, and the Global Warming horse has now been dressed as the Climate Change Camel. And the World Bank is STILL collecting billions of our dollars to halt Climate Change.
We surly must be the most gullible, stupid, misinformed people in the history of this amazing planet that we live on.