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Adam you are totally wrong on

Adam you are totally wrong on intellectual property. Protecting people's ideas, inventions and such is what made America the power house it has become. Look at it today, china steals lots of inventions and makes them. Why would an American company spend millions of their hard earned money to invent something to just have China steal the idea and reap the rewards of the idea. Copywrights and pantients allowed people to spend great wealth

What Adam is proposing is socialism. Just like in socialism with physical property, money, etc... As the steal from the wealthy and give to the poor. What Adam is proposing is that Intellectual property should be taken from the wealthy ( intelligent) and give it to the poor (low IQ). There is a reason America outpaced the rest of the world so fast, in less than 100 years we were world leaders in technology. America respected that you should reap the rewards of your labor/ideas. IP is actually at the heart of most other freedoms. Most countries do not recognize IP and most of them are still in the dark ages.

Without IP Thomas Edision would have never have made any money inventing, and many of the technologies we enjoy today we might not have, like the light bulb.