Comment: hi Laura----I am Karen in California....who sent you the email

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hi Laura----I am Karen in California....who sent you the email

yesterday morning.

Where is the part that says they will not steal ballot boxes, distribute fake ballot slates, turn off microphones, misinform Paul supporters about when, where, and how meetings will be held, that the lights will be on for the whole meeting, that our motions will not be ignored, that the voting machines will not be rigged, that "Charlie" the fake ballot distributor will not be present, and much more that I can't write this late at night. Where is the part that says all voting machines and ballot boxes will have "watchers" from Paul and Romney people and that the voting will not be "stalled" until some future unknown day at the point when Paul starts to win delegates or votes?

Sorry, but from what I am seeing it is coming from the RNC/ROMNEY/STATE as a cooperating unit.

That they are making "nice" is cause for even more concern. They are part of an organized crime ring. Do not trust anything they say.

Ron Paul supporters are amazing people. We are peace-seeking people who want the Constitution to be followed. These people are only sycophants. They are making a publicity show so that when they "pull their next trick" they can blame it on Ron Paul supporters.

I am positive they have something worse up their sleeves than anything that has been seen before. Every one of you should have their own security guard. No joke. This opposition has gone to get their goon squad...what more do you need to know? They have announced their own future bad behavior.

Paul people are not those who have misbehaved this entire election process. RNC knows theis full well. Don't you believe a word they say.