Comment: Bill Still the producer does an excellent job in

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Bill Still the producer does an excellent job in

summarizing the history of MONEY.

However, after all his examples, it becomes quite intuitive that a fiat currency will always get corrupted down the road. You can't give the authority to print money to ANYONE because they'll eventually use it for their own agenda. I don't know why Bill Still doesn't recognize that.

The gold std is not the best. The gold std we had was also flawed because it was a bi-metal system where gold was fixed to a certain wgt of silver. This was horrendous as we all know today, the GSR (gold to silver ratio) constantly fluctuates.

Ron Paul has always said that he'll never return to the gold std but rather allow free markets to decide what money should be. Ultimately, you want to use money that can't easily be created out of thin air. That's why gold worked so well for the past 5-10 thousand years! It represented a stored unit of work.

I respect Bill Still tremendously. He perfectly summarizes these historical events to which I was never taught the significance in grade school. In conclusion, I do disagree with Bill Still's solutions. I just don't understand why he believes a fiat currency will go uncorrupted.

Money Masters is a definite must see for everyone.

Also Bill Still put out a new version called the Secret of Oz. Same thing and also well done: