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Are you really that

Are you really that thick????

"Basically an idea is not property." this shows how ignorant you are... How many times have we stated that Ideas are NOT protected under IP laws and yet people continue to believe this is the heart of the matter.

"One of the reasons IP laws do not work is that they are inherently inconsistent" But they are NOT inconsistent. Your understanding of it, is inconsistent.

"If we had had IP laws at the time language was created would we not have been allowed to speak?" Again you complete lack of understanding. It amazes me people talk about something they know NOTHING about. Quite frankly it is irritating and you know why> Because you can google what IP is and what it does, OR you can just read what some of us have posted many times in this thread and go check it out for yourself. But no, you and some of the others come in and repeat the utter nonsense.

"When you work with IP laws on a daily basis you realize that it is just a tax on business" What the hell are you talking about? Can you BACK UP what you say?

"How can it be fair that if I made the first wheel then billions of other people would not be allowed to make wheels. The idea is so ridiculous in a free society."

NO, what IS ridiculous is your statements like that. IP does not protect invention of the wheel. how many times do we have to say that? Jesus..!!!

And you wanna know why I am annoyed. BEcause you have spent LITTLE of NO time doing research. You are parroting the nonsense coming from people like Kokesh who also don't know anything and have a complete misunderstanding what IP laws mean and work.

Your whole premise of your argument is based on an ERRONEOUS understanding of IP laws.

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...