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Under Protocel (Cancell, Entelev, Cantron-different company):
Cantron breast & bone cancer testimonial - Part 1, 2
Cora’s Entelev testimony - She had cervical cancer and a tumor on her bladder.
Irene’s lung cancer testimonial
Cantron testimony with pancreatic cancer
Cancell ovarian cancer and chrons testimony
Cancell lung cancer testimony
Cancell and brain cancer
Cancell cancer and aids testimony on the Maury Povich Show
Cancer Survivor Praises Controversial Cantron Treatments
LaSalle Man Turns To Controversial Treatments For Cancer - “Bernie Mulligan, 45, of LaSalle talks about using alternative remedies -- including the controversial Cantron -- in his fight against terminal stomach (& liver) cancer.” He also used dandelion root extract.
Mark used Cantron on his dog’s cancer

Interview clips of Ed Sopcak & Jim Sheridan about the history of Entelev & Cancell - Part 1, 2

Andy Cantron Talk - Part 1, 2, 3, 4 - Andy talks about how to use Cantron. (Note: The primary source of information to use is the Protocel ebook mentioned above. I simply added this talk to show some of the experiences people have had.)