Comment: I read Atlas Shrugged

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I read Atlas Shrugged

Reading Atlas Shrugged once is like reading Atlas Shrugged 4 times over again. I gotta say though, I find it odd that those fighting oppression would turn to Atlas Shrugged as a philosophic guide. While there may be something to be said for its libertarian bent, it seems to me that the ominous forces that are running rampant throughout the world are a product of the same values put forth in Atlas Shrugged. While AS may be a critique of christian socialism, the solution according to Ayn Rand is for those who have the means to actively destroy the world in order to prime it for those who consider themselves above the rest of mankind. It seems to me that both government and private interests are taking place at the same time: government is becoming too big and destructive, and private interests are destroying the world for personal gain. So ultimately I think that all parties in Atlas Shrugged are bad, except for Henry Reardon and Dagny Taggart, who try to make the best of a losing situation, while at the end are accepted into the new society (created by those who destroy civilization). I am not sure how I would feel if after all of this those private interests who are bent on destroying the world, and who I am desperately trying to fight against, suddenly turned to me and said, "we are destroying the world for people like you, everlasticity. Come and join us in a world free of government where our superior intellect and ability allow us to remake the world while the rest of mankind wallows in their own filth". Not sure how I would feel.