Comment: a friend of mine is a farmer

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a friend of mine is a farmer

she and her husband farm in indiana and are already laying off employees... so it isnt JUST that corn prices will be higher which will make groceries more expensive, but also puts people out of work who will then be forced to find another job or live on unemployment and food stamps etc etc etc. and on and on it goes- just has been planned for decades and next year, the grasshoppers will be ready in droves as has been the case in texas that was in a drought last year... and on and on it goes and all i can say is this- maybe monsanto will FINALLY be taken down? once the farmers see that it is monsantos poisoning of their croplands and that government subsidies are really working against them in the end? been preaching this game since 2006 and none would listen. kind of like RP with the fed- people dont get it until they are personally affected and SEE WITH their OWN eyes on their bank statements. Thanks to all of those who are awake and able to teach and help those that are not, it is my opinion that there will be many many more awakenings soon as people wont be able to feed thier kids.