Comment: Let the corn die and the farms go under?

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Let the corn die and the farms go under?

Uh...yeah...all the independent, small and family farms will go first you dopes. The big players already own most of the water rights. They can do massive drilling, pumping and irrigation. It's the ALTERNATIVE that will be hit first and hardest and that means us.

This could spell out doom for the poorer among us. A lot of us are just holding on. Those of you who cackle with joy, how big a part of your budget is food? A negligible portion? Do you represent the very well to do among us?

For many of us with larger families, that figure is approaching 30%. 30% of income just to keep everybody from getting thin, sickening and starving.

Given this, what exactly are you laughing about?

The rest of you, just pray for rain. We need rain.

There is nothing strange about having a bar of soap in your right pocket, it's just what's happening.