Comment: There is no constant but change

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There is no constant but change

Are you proposing that the US should continue to subsidise the family farm? For what reason? Nostalgia? A sense that the family farm is some kind of national treasure?

Less than 3% of today's US workforce is employed in agriculture, down from over 75% in the late 1800s. Read the news, man. Big Ag has *already* supplanted the family farm; it happened years ago.

End subsidies. Let the corn die if it must. If family farms go under, well, that is the price we must pay for cheaper, more efficiently produced food.

Realistically, there will always be a demand for produce from small operations, whether it be for organic or ethical reasons. Without the government subsidies, fewer family farms will feel compelled to grow junk-food cash crops just to keep up.

In any case, I wouldn't want my dollars taken from me and given to a farmer to encourage him/her to grow something I think is making western nations sick and fat, no matter how many precocious gap-toothed sons, adorable pigtailed daughters or faithful dogs named Yeller they need to support.