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I wonder

I wonder if it occured to anyone that this is mother natures way of putting us back into check? I mean...we (humans) are insignificant and we try to think we are bigger than Earth itself. We have played "God" with GMOs and look at what has happened. Since 1996 we have created 21 super weeds. That is not long. We have cancer/autism/obesity and other ailments that have skyrocketed since the 90s which convienently was the same time GMOs were put into markets. Cows DO NOT eat corn...they eat they are not the excuss. We are not meant to eat corn in EVERYTHING! It sucks for the farmers, but sustainability has not been a consideration in many different markets so I don't know what to tell ya. I guess the idea of feeding the world should be put to rest and start looking at feeding your communities. 30-40 years ago people spent 50% of their money on food...Corn and soy is cheap and that is why.Look at the bigger picture people. Big AG doesn't work. Shoot - big anything doesnt work.