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I proposed prayer more specifically

Who said anything about subsidies? I'm addressing a nihilistic attitude I've seen lately on these boards. Not just corn, a lot of key crops are in danger of failing and all people can chant is "death to Monsanto".

Well again, Monsanto will be the last to suffer. It's the future of your food supply at stake with the potential loss of heirloom varieties that have resistant characteristics. Not to mention the facts that lifestock and wildlife are similarly threatened. When it don't rain, grass don't grow, you have to bring water and feed to animals, cost goes up again while herds get smaller. The wild herds simply reduce numbers. Same with the fish population. Same with the whole ecosystem.

Lack of this recognition indicates we haven't embraced self-sustainability to the extent I'd hoped. Well, last time it was this bad where I'm at, wells started going dry. Highest ones first, then lower and lover in elevation.

Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.