Comment: Establishment (obamney) funds Examiner

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Establishment (obamney) funds Examiner

and has brainwashed examiner editors. they are a bunch of freaks and liars.

they just want to funnel more donations to tate & co - the gang of thugs that rp supporters live and die for.

why this obsession w/ gop. idiots, you think dnc is so hot. and rp has no party/platform.

why doesn't examiner speak truth and talk about how cronies forced ron paul to run from his own roots - libertarians. and have succeeded with turning his own son to the dark side.

ron's credibility is way down given his son's endorsement. he can't even get his own family right. and to make matters worse, his wifey is fake friends with romney's sick wifey. you can't fight the enemy you are in bed with.