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Drought conditions are bad for all

I have sympathy for small individual farmers. But these conditions affect all farming, even Big Ag. What can we do about it? I suppose prayer is about the only thing. However, it is a global food economy these days. The US food supply of a few specific crops might be a bit the worse for wear, but it is nowhere near "at stake". That's being over-dramatic.

I apologise for assuming you were suggesting subsidies.

As for Monsanto, I don't have much direct issue with them. They are propped up mostly by false, government-advocated nutritional advice to compose up to half our diets with grains; and to a lesser extent, the food industry's penchant for putting HFCS in practically everything.

Humans aren't adapted to eating grains of any kind, especially when they are refined. I don't have much issue with Monsanto because I myself don't eat grains, and believe everyone else should stop eating them too. If enough people do that, Monsanto becomes mainly a purveyor of animal-feed. Problem solved.

For more information, search for "Paleo", "Primal" or a book called "Wheat Belly" by Dr. William Davis.