Comment: THe old gaurd sold out puppet prostitutes

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THe old gaurd sold out puppet prostitutes

Will not be replaced until the digitized false national debt creators are good and ready. This is not an age thing as it has been so often framed. The young vs. the old the new vs. the old. etc that’s the same old controlled left right paradigm that we have been programmed to over and over by propaganda media.

No this is a group that often than not are more young that have awakened to the counterfeit digitized false national debt IRS collection ponzi scam and they do not like it.

Liberty, golden rule foreign policy, sound money, constitutional republic with the common law system of justice. No more top down dictates from government. A government that serves the people and is actually employed by and for the people. A small efficient with very little power government. A government that promotes good things that recommends and asks instead of LAWs and Executive orders, voluntarily tax collections not manditory so we can kick them out by not financing them if we dont like them. Yah no more young vs. old nah just freedom for all.