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Not sure if you believe in God, but you like playing one,

Don't you?

"nobody has the right to live at the expense of another"

I feel like you're putting words in our mouths. EVERYONE HAS THE RIGHT RIGHT TO LIVE and no one has ANY right to decide who will live and who will die.

If you were wrongfully sentenced to death by electrocution, I am sure you'd be singing a different song, but it is easier to be a keyboard cowboy spewing hatred against unborn children who were never given the chance to speak in their defense.. But of course...

The difference between an armed intruder in your house and the unborn child is that one makes a conscious adult choice (given that he/she wasn't aborted) to invade your property and to harm you. In this case you have the natural right to defend yourself, your family and your property. Whereas the unborn child is the result of a natural intercourse. Most children who are given the chance to be born do not become armed intruders. The armed intruders are the exception.

Please do not switch the topic into children who are conceived during rape and sexual assault, as there are many many options for that unborn child to be allowed to exercise his or her natural right to life and to develop his or her human potential. The unborn child is guiltless regardless of the circumstances. Think!