Comment: Just posting this here because I just got it and thought

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Just posting this here because I just got it and thought

you would be interested in passing it on.

I had a good talk with Richard Gilbert, of the "Lawyers for Ron Paul," this morning. I'm telling you, several times during our conversation, chills ran up my spine, the possibilities are so exciting. This suit in the 9th Circuit could be the biggest decision of our lifetime. All of us have devoted thousands of hours to this cause, lots of money, and even more - our hearts. You MUST enjoin on this suit if you were at least a Precinct Delegate. If you don't, you have no idea of how you've dropped the ball at the most critical time. The nomination at Tampa is riding on this suit, and a decision in our favor will rock the world. So, if you haven't sent Richard your information - DO IT! If you did, and you didn't put your title, please resend with that information & tell him why you're resending.

Cynthia Kennedy

If you want to be part of this please email with your name and your position and phone number, see examples below:

1. Name
2. Phone #
3. Email address
4. State of which your are a citizen & County
5. Title: National Delegate, Alternate National Delegate, State Delegate/County Delegate, Precinct Delegate

The affidavits can come later. This must be done now!

NOTE: You do not need to be a national or state delegate, but you have to be more than just a voter in a caucus or primary. For instance, you have to of had to be at least a Precinct Delegate to your County Convention.

Remember email Richard and include your name, your position, and your phone number letting him know you would like to be a plaintiff.