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Comment: I'm sure these people are vegetarian

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I'm sure these people are vegetarian

If an upset cow keeps them from drinking milk...
you know they wouldn't eat any meat because the animals must be killed (much worse than being upset)
...and surely they'd never eat some white oval ball that fell out of a chicken's butt....and cheese is made of milk...of course mushrooms is a fungus (yechhhh)...and fish...a living breathing creature netted out of it's water habitat and left to suffer until it's gutted with a knife (painful , smelly & cruel)....and let's not start on the evils of diet soft drinks and ice cream (made from nasty milk)...yep I'm sure they only eat vegetables and such...and drink water.
Yep...obviously you're evil so instead of talking with you any more I'm going to mix up some chocolate milk! Goodnite!