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Hats Off

That kid has it right, and he demonstrated more maturity than the entire Mass GOP.... BRAVO! Seems like only Baker gets that. If the rest of them don't they will die. The smarter youth actually understand that their current tax burden is $1.2 million a piece. And yeah, freedom is everyone's best chance. Until the R establishment realizes this, There will never be an R next to my name again.

BTW, I'm a union employee, and the health care bill just added $8000+ to my premium health care bill. Thanks for stripping my health care Mr. Obama. If you're a union, liberty minded, employee, let your left minded co-workers know they just got a 40% excise tax on their insurance plans. I'm degreed, as many of my co-workers are, so we'll be all right without the union, but those who are not, just got the biggest shafting of their lives.